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I have always loved the sounds of water and water drops especially. There is a real magic and infinite variation in the range of sounds that they make as they fall. Sometimes the rain sounds a lot like the warm applause from a satisfied audience. The environment influences the sonic qualities of water. Temperature, humidity, times of day or night, and in addition, urban and natural world habitats shape the range of sounds made by water. These sounds form a large component of the basis of "Shower Songs", a new music project that I am creating.
One of my great sensory joys has always been the pleasure of a hot shower - much loved, safe and legal, a warm "inside-the-house" rain-zone, a place where I realised that I have gradually stopped singing. In fact I haven't sung for years, and I hadn't noticed! The fact that others hadn't noticed was another shock, as shower singing has nothing to do with being good, one just does it -like a bird, it's one's nature - or so I thought. Almost everyone that I asked had stopped singing as well. Something deep down inside was confused-what does this mean I wondered?
This sense of loss (although some would say relief) has inspired my new project. "Shower Songs" - a new sound art work being created for The Australian Broadcasting Corporation - Radiophonic Unit of Radio National, by myself, Thomas Fitzgerald. I am an Australian Composer and the ABC/Australia Council New Media Artist - in -Residence at the ABC for 2005. Shower Songs is of fifty minutes duration and was broadcast on the A.B.C. radio networks sometime in December, 2005, as individual shower song movements and also in its complete version.
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